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Have an idea for a bot? Can’t find just the right bot for that special someone? Need a lager order of custom bots for a company, or party? Weather its big or small, Lee Bots is open for taking commissions work. Below are some of the commission work done for clients. Commission work is not limited to sculptures. The bots, also work in print, clothing, greeting cards, and accessories, just to name a few. Send a message at the bottom and we can get your idea started.


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greeting cards and Invites


Form time

Interested in commissioning a project with the bots for yourself, or company? Fill out the form below to get your idea started. The bots will get back with you as soon as possible with pricing, availability, and other possibilities for your projects.

Please, message when you need the project done by. Projects can take more than a month to complete depending on the bots work load and how big the project is.


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