fuse r bots

Fuse bots started in 2015. Zusa was the first of his kind made from a fuse Nancy found in her great aunt’s garage. Since that first box of fuses were found, these screw in fuses have been found at Restore. These fuses come in a wide variety of colors, all with different logos and branding on them. Fuses ranging in age from the 40’s to the 90’s. These Screw in fuses use to be widely used in electrical boxes of homes but have since been known to start fires and are slowly being removed from homes.

Other Part First

Kikker was the first Lee Bots, in 2016, to use garden hose adapters as a head. These adapter range greatly in color, size, and shape. The first group of adapters was found at Restore and have also been found at garage and estate sales.

Alba was the first Lee Bots, in 2015, to use this boots as feet. These popular feet are from a children’s alphabet caterpillar game. The caterpillars are found at second-hand store.


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