Adventure Time
The bots, European adventure was from November 2017 to February 2018. A three-month solo adventure Nancy planned herself. To take the bots and herself on an adventure around Europe. To explore the world and to see some friends. Five of Nancy’s favorite bots got taken around to ten different counties. Pictures and friends were made along the trip. The chosen five bots are below, along with all the fun snapshots they took along the way. Prints of this trip are available in many forms on Redbubble and Society6.

the start

Picking The Bots
The chosen five bots had been made thought out the years. Nancy had kept these bots and even traveled around the States with Berat, Poza, and Neva. Neva was even put together on the road in Florida. You can see more of their adventures in the: The States Adventures section. The biggest bot of the group, Melba is special, being the one-thousandth bot made. Melba’s parts are found from five different states that Nancy specially saved to make her.  You can see below each of the bots and the parts that they are made from below. These bot’s parts have come along way from their old, dusty lives, awaiting the trash and still have more adventures awaiting them.


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snapshot light

Click on a country below to see all the photos & videos the bots took.

the finish

International Bots
Along with the snapshots, the bots were on the hunt for parts to make future, European bots, when they got home. Mixing European parts with American parts to make for one-of-a-kind international bots. Many of these parts have now been turned into bots now. To see some of the European bots check out the Bots by Parts section. Some of the European bots are still available on Etsy. Waiting for you to take them on your own adventure.


Bots made with parts from the Europe trip.