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Lee Bots are handmade robot sculptures made with old computer parts, electrical components, and other random found objects. The bots are all created and handcrafted by artist and designer Nancy Solbrig in Rock Island, Illinois. Continue to read about the bots in the about section.


Lee bots has all your artsy, robot needs covered.  Shop Lee Bots Etsy shop where you can find bots small and big.  Bots ranging in size from only a half

an inch tall all the way to eight foot tall.  Along with design work coming soon of the bots in illustrations, photos, posters, and greeting cards.


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Interested in seeing the whole process behind Lee Bots and how they are made.  Follow on Facebook and Instagram to see all the work that goes into making a bot along with all the current projects being worked on.


If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the shop and want something more custom made get in contact with Lee Bots and send a message. Most of the bots can be shipped worldwide, so don’t let Lee Bots’ location limit you from thinking up a custom robot project.

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Bots made with computer & electronic parts

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Bots made with electrical fuses

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Bots made from vacuum tubes

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Bots made with vintage tins

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Bots made with electrical boxes & joints

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Bots made from florescent starts

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Bots made with old mailboxes & old lights

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Bots made with a bit of nature

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Bots that are a bit bigger than the rest

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